Scottish Power is going to  launch a new price for power or energy in which it assurances that our hundred percentage of the Power/energy/electricity will derive from its own renewable energy sources or projects, because of to take out from the so called term greenwashing which means we are providing a clean or original service but it’s not in actual as clean as seems. The group of consumers who use these services, found that there are many suppliers who are misleading their eco-conscious customers by claiming that we are offer renewable energy tariffs even they are not investing in any renewable energy sources of projects

Example of Greenwashing

Also consumer group said that suppliers of “pale green”  are gasconade green endorsement by manipulating an industry or manufacturing business  loophole allowing them to purchase cheap renewable power records to match the energy, which they supply to their customers, but in actual they are buying the energy or power from other sources rather than renewable.

The Ofgem is one the energy regulator stated that now the awareness is growing in the energy or power market about greenwashing and it would be good to take action to ensure customers were not misinformed. According to the Chief Executive of Scottish Power, Keith Anderson as the number of green tariffs are increasing in the market so it is very important to let their consumer know how green their tariffs are supporting the renewable industry of UK

Green or clean energy creators normally sell the certificates of renewable energy along with their power supply contracts so that clients can demonstrate the roots or sources of their energy. But industry rulebooks mean the preliminary buyer is free to sell the credentials, without selling the green or clean energy, to a second Client. But there are still a lot for supplier, which are pretending that we are green or clean energy provider by showing the green color in their logos and papers of trading. According to Anderson he said we need to install the renewable energy sources such as wind and solar project to overcome the challenges of climate change.

How Scottish Power is going to claim that we are providing the 100% clean or green energy because of Scottish Power sold off its all projects in 2018 which were based on fossil fuels and start to focus on growing to make its stable of onshore and offshore wind farms and emerging a set of solar power projects. Anderson also said that the company would invest the money in new renewable energy/power sources or generation projects which we will collect from the green tariffs or rates. Anderson assured that we are only and unique to provide the clean or green energy, and can make this commitment in practice and those who are buying energy at fixed prices from us can be confident that they are buying electricity or energy is totally from green or renewable sources.