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Our mind is full of ideas some are very interesting but sometimes might shock us.  The idea comes to our mind is after the observation of a problem. What we observe matters a lot because after observing the first thing that comes to our mind is implementation. What if that we think in our mind becomes true and growing in front of us? Your idea, your perceptions become a project, all you need is a concentration for your proposal. People who have a unique idea, who want to do something in their life that would remarkable, who want to become a renowned businessman, who want to become the owner of their own company, they all need a platform on which they implement their rules and formulas to get the desired result.  An idea of someone will be a well-renowned business in the future. Although it’s a small initiative and it starts slowly when people got familiar with it, they love it.

What is Entrepreneurship…?

“Entrepreneurship is the demonstration of creating a new & innovative business and scale up for generating profits.” There is no specific definition of entrepreneurship because it can be implemented on any issue in any situation. For example, if we talk aboutthe modern definition of entrepreneurship is to “find out the solution or solving the world’s problems.”

Ideas, Creativity, Innovation and something new

What is an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur can be anyone who creates a new and innovative business, who invest and bear the risk of that business idea. Mostly an entrepreneur is those who are innovator, who has new and innovative ideas for goods, services and business plans with procedures.

Thinking about new innovative business ideas

What is the actual meaning of Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship in actual is the execution of new or innovative ideas practically.” Entrepreneurship is a business enterprise and it includes an entrepreneur or businessperson who “takes an action to make a revolution in the world”. Entrepreneurs solve the problems, have ideas to bring the people in one place to startup that nobody did it before, build something innovative that advances the society, and all these statements has one common thing that is “action.”

Entrepreneurship is the meaning of execution

Simple Explanation with Example of Business Startup

Credit goes to Usman Shah this example

Entrepreneurship is a great platform that provides us a versatile margin that we can do anything which comes in our mind but it demands focus, hard work, and skills. We need to observe what is happening in our surroundings. The problems we faced daily and the solution of those problems becomes an idea. I am telling you my story that I was in my 7th semester at University working on a project with five group members with me. Fortunately, the members of my group are from different regions, two of them from Multan; City of Saints in Pakistan. One of them from Gujranwala; City of wrestlers, the other one is from Chakwal; which is famous for pehlwan rewari and I am from Sialkot; City of Iqbal.

Business startup by University Students during their bachelor

We decided to work on a project which covers all these areas so we planned to make a cuisine stall on the outside of our university block. We decide to sell Pehlwan Rewari and Multani Sohan Halwa inside our university or maybe in other regions. We think that this idea will have greater demand in this region because I was studying in Gujrat which is far away from Multan and Chakwal so after saw our stall people would attract and then they easily get the traditional things here in Gujrat. It was an incredible experience, the major thing I want to tell is learning. I was not a good decision maker but after did this project it enhances my decision-making skills. We learned a lot of Entrepreneurial Ethics during our project. We learned a plethora of thing, it enhances our communication skills, polished our management abilities, encourage our passion to do business and none other than it reveals the power of teamwork. About fun, I want to say that those were one of the funniest moments of my university life. Above all this learning, we are working as a businessman that we had spent a certain amount of money and after that, we want our profit and yes we got a handsome profit.

We have a lot of examples of entrepreneurs to whom we can get a lot of motivation. But these examples just motivate us but isn’t sounds good that we make ourselves motivation for someone else. We must set a remarkable example for those who want to earn based on their skills, who don’t want to work under the supervision of a manager. The major thing in entrepreneurship is that it makes us strong, we face hurdles at the initial point of our business. We have to tackle all the problems faced by society. We often thing before starting an idea that either it will be successful or not, what people said about this idea, either it will provide us profit or not. I want to say that it doesn’t matter at all what others think about your plan, they don’t know how much enthusiasm you have for your proposal. How much you learn after doing this project they don’t even think of this. If we want to learn, earn we have to spend ourselves more into that idea, struggle for that and then the success of that business will show to the world you were right.

Examples f Entrepreneurer

Four characteristics of successful entrepreneur

Opportunistic: A successful entrepreneur is always having a vast vision. He always looks for the great opportunity that will beneficial for society in shape of service or product. It can be something totally new or make necessary changes in existing product.

Passionate: Entrepreneur must have a strong passion to pursue for changing the life of society. Passion is an intrinsic motivation that push entrepreneur to excel and face risk whole heartedly.

Self-confidence: Entrepreneur has the courage to say that HE CAN DO IT and never give up in the face of challenges. He has trust in his internal guts. Self-confidence gives courage to entrepreneur for upbringing the work environment, and levels of dedication towards pursuing a cause.

Dedication: Entrepreneurs are dedicated. They work harder than they would at any job. They work longer hours than they would at any job. But the rewards can be greater both financially and in the self-satisfaction of what they have achieved for both themselves and others

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