Importance of Water in Our Daily Lives | Healthy Life, Perfect and Active Body. Why Water is Important in Our daily Lives?

By Afia Gul

Water, water and just water———–woooo hoooo! That’s it Congratulations on achieving a beautiful and perfect life

All our life, we desperately want the easiest way to have satisfied and contented life. I’m one of those people who always curious, search the most quick and easy things with enormous benefits and practice them in daily routine. It’s not an easy task to make of things in a day and especially for oneself; no matter how organized and motivated you are, there are always more important obligations to perform and in such rush of work we usually ignore ourselves for the sake of saving precious time.

But don’t get sad because here is the good news that by doing one thing, anyone can become more

  • Beautiful
  • Healthy
  • Productive and
  • Happy

Yes, you hear right, only ONE THING can make us and our life THE PERFECT.

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That ONE MAGICAL THING is drinking a lot of water on a daily basis. That’s it, no rocket science or long plans.

I know it’s seeming little disappointing yet simple and quite easy but have you ever noticed that most of the time you ignore to keep yourself hydrated? Why? Simply because we don’t consider it as important as healthy food, exercise or money (Ahhhhh, what am I saying! Silly comparison how can water be as important as money; right?). But it is far more significant than any other thing on this planet.

I am not going to give you all details about miraculous wonders of water but will give you glimpse of its super benefits for us and our lives.

Why should you drink plenty of water?

Let’s see how drinking water can change our life.

1) Physical Health benefits of drinking water

As we all know our body is made up about 70% of water so you can understand that how much it is crucial for efficient working of the human body as it acts as a fuel for body machinery.

Although there are number of advantages of drinking water for human body but here some most important ones are given below:

  • Water helps to maximize physical performance.
  • It has great effects on boosting body energy.
  • It can prevent and cure headaches, constipation, kidney stones and obesity.

All these benefits can help you maintain your fitness and improve your health by having more energy.

2) Mental and emotional health benefits of drinking water

It is a matter of common observation that you feel relaxed after drinking water but it is scientifically proven that dehydration can be the cause of depression and anxiety. So, you can think of water as the nutrient your brain needs.

Not even drinking but being around water can affect your mental health by

  • Stimulating feeling of well being and good sleep
  • Creating more alertness
  • Decreasing depression and anxiety
  • Increasing more mental energy and behavior

3) Beauty benefits of drinking water

Who wants to be beautiful on free of cost??

Here you go girls…………..get rid of all chemicals and make water your own personal beauty expert.

  • Water flow makes your skin glow.
  • It is a natural detoxer that helps to prevent and fight pimples and acne and delayed aging process.
  • Thirsty nails and hair need water to keep lock the moisture, color and thickness.
  • Water increases your metabolism, which results in reduced appetite, an effortless way to reduce weight.

How much you should take water?

It depends on your gender, age, weight and climate conditions. Although there are different opinions about amount but one is the simple and easy way to know about your body needs. Check your pee color, is it colorless/pale yellow after drinking 2-3 liters of water then it means your body is hydrated and if it’s darker in shade then you must intake more water.

Tip: if you add lemon juice and honey in water, then it will be tasty and boost up all the benefits 

Muhammad Usman

Muhammad Usman

Research & MEXT Scholar  at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan) with Graduate Major in Global Engineering for Development, Environment and Society


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