By Sundas Iftikhar

Coronavirus, Coronavirus & Coronavirus……………

How we can defeat the carnivorous as China did for its nation and now helping other countries to overcome this challenge. As we know coronavirus is spreading quickly around the world. How China worked and overcome on this Corona Virus Challenge. How china made its nation again as usual routine after coronavirus. How china Overcome on this Challenge. Here are my experiences and opinions.

What are the qualities of china as a nation or Chinese people?

My name is sundas iftkhar.I am doing MS in Computer Science from Central South Universty in china. Recently I came from china at 18 February 2020.During my stay in china I experienced a lot of things, enjoyed each and everything. I saw Chinese people are very honest in their work, hardworking and very polite. Especially the one thing I saw in them is that they are strictly following the government rules and cooperate with them all the time. This is the daily life routines.

What happened in new year?

 When new year came suddenly a virus spread which is called “Coronavirus.” Chinese people celebrate their new year in a very special way because this is their most important event in whole year. Firstly the virus spread in Wuhan and it fastly infect many people.

Which steps were taken first by china government?

At the critical time the first step which Chinese government was taken to stop the Wuhan travelling no subway opened neither bus traveling from one place to another. Inside and outside traveling was totally closed. After traveling step they closed every market each and everything very quickly. But at that time people also cooperate and follow the very strict actions and after Wuhan same rules followed by other cities to control the epidemic situation and to fight with that virus. Everyone shows huge unity and by this unity they finally got rid from this virus. From the childhood a story was taught in school which is “A farmer and his three sons” which give us the lesson “Unity  is strength” and I must say everyone is well aware from that story.

What happened in Pakistan after China?

Anyway, when I came to Pakistan I got myself in isolation for 14 days as safety measures or countermeasures. But unluckily few days ago this virus also spread in Pakistan. Firstly, it was spread in Sindh.

Steps Taken by Pakistan Govt.

Our government takes the first step which is:

  • Closed Schools
  • Marriage Halls
  • Offices

What is the Purpose of corona vacations?

I was very wondering with this step everyone was happy because they were thinking the government gave time to enjoy the corona vacations. On Facebook everyone was saying “Coronavirus Zindabad.” By those statement I was very disappointed by our nation`s mentality because all of us are unaware how this virus can affect their lives. The government closed every gathering point to save their own lives not to bring their life in danger zone. When I saw these type of behavior and activities, I complained on the Citizen’s Portal that the step you take first is wrong. You must have to stop the Sindh travelling first as china government did in Wuhan and explain each and everything which I saw on Facebook. Now I am happy government took the strict actions and doing the best, but this is not only the government duty to perform well, we individually have a responsibility too because still people going for vacations for enjoyment without thinking their own self.

This is the second case boys were going somewhere for outing and by this government take strict action. I didn’t see such type of things in china. From this picture don’t you guys feel shame on yourself. Even still people going to restaurant for tea, some universities are still open, people are dancing, making fun at each other and  such type of activities is still continuing.

Corona Virus, Pakistan`s Authorities & Screening

One man came from outside of Pakistan during screening he was detected as infected with corona but he gave 6000 rupees to screening team and second case Dennis Freedman claimed that Pakistani authorities at asked him for of 50000 (Geo news92 live news, Lahore news)

and cleared him and in return a big loss in front of us. Do not sale your faith for a small sum of money. For god  sake grow up what you all people doing. China people not to go outside from January to mid of March even not to saw the daylight from two months it is not an easy job. It they sacrifice their two months, then why don’t sacrifice our few days or a month.

If we are human being then Chinese people are also . If china defeat the virus the only reason is that all of them show unity without one leg you can’t move easily from one place to another comes in your way similarly without one hand  you can’t do any task  easily and quickly. From both hands and legs you can do everything easily same theory applied in china. And  their peoples are as like two hands and two legs this they defeat the virus. If I talk about my country the only government working as one leg and one hand, local people are not playing their role to fight against this challenge. In our country we have two types of people one is literate and other is illiterate. But the  literate people also behaving like illiterate what is the difference between literate and illiterate. In many situation our new generation say we are literate if you guys are really literate then show  your literacy not to show your illiteracy and in this epidemic situation you  all can prove yourself as literate.

What do You Think?

What we can expect from such behaviors of authorities and individual as a nation? No, we can`t fight with this non serious attitude. We need strong self motivations and individual role play in this war.


  • Please show your unity and work as like two hands and two legs.
  • Be honest and work hard.
  • If we follow the same rules as china, we can defeat the virus and by this we can also become powerful and successful country and yes it is possible we have just need to bring some changes in ourselves.

Muhammad Usman

Muhammad Usman

Research & MEXT Scholar  at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan) with Graduate Major in Global Engineering for Development, Environment and Society


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